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Hiromi’s treatments include remedial and Swedish massage, reflexology and pregnancy care.

Hiromi Okada-Zalewski is the owner of Cosmic Tree and has over 12 years of experience as a qualified therapist offering reflexology and remedial massage. Prior to each treatment, Hiromi checks in with her clients and discerns the most beneficial type of techniques for the treatment session. She tailors her massage and reflexology treatments to suit individual clients and facilitate their wellbeing – her intuitive approach taps into the body’s natural healing energy. During massage or reflexology, as we relax we release conditions causing pain and discomfort, we naturally allow our body to return to a healthy state called homeostasis.

With a commitment to offering a quality service, Hiromi regularly undertakes professional training and integrates these techniques during her therapy sessions with clients. She is a qualified Doula and supports pregnancy with maternity reflexology and massage. Recent specialty skills include the Posture and Balance technique, based on postural assessment and a holistic approach to tissue healing; and KY technique, Japanese style osteopathy. Most often requested is Hiromi’s 90min massage and reflexology combination. This treatment deeply releases the physical body and allows the mind to rest in another zone and quietly rejuvenate. You may also like to add oxygen therapy at the end of a Hiromi treatment.

Hiromi is available Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Call the clinic or 0402 386 158

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Chie’s treatments include postural corrective therapy and massage. 

I completed remedial massage therapy in TAFE NSW Sydney Institute Sutherland – Loftus campus and achieved diploma
in June 2018. After graduating TAFE, I studied Shoji style remedial massage technique, which is based on posturology. Now I am specializing in Shoji style remedial massage technique which aims posture correction.

Shoji style remedial massage technique was devised by Mr Shoji Sugimori, a Japanese remedial massage therapist in Gosford. Posturology says when the muscles are located in the right position in the right length and healthy conditions, you will not feel any musculoskeletal pain or problems, and muscles can perform their full ability. By maintaining good posture, you can enjoy lots of benefits besides reducing musculoskeletal problems.

Shoji style remedial massage technique doesn’t approach only the place where you feel the problem, because the Shoji style thinks to solve the problem fundamentally, not temporally. The body should be treated wholistic and treat the real factor causing the problem.

Shoji style remedial massage technique is different from the massage that you know. Shoji style technique doesn’t require you taking off your clothes nor massage oil. You can lay on the massage table with your clothes on so you don’t need to worry about exposing your bare skin to the therapist. Because I used to have bad knee, I understand how people with musculoskeletal pain or problems are feeling and how hard their daily lives are. If you could let me help you for your better quality of lives, I will do my best with my all ability.

Chie is available for treatments on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Call the clinic or 0425 217 282.

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