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Remedial massage (oil free)

Our massage therapists are all diploma qualified and accredited therapists in Australia. In addition we all are trained and graduated from Shoji Style technique which focus on posture correction. 
It may be unique to new clients who has never tried oil free as we are working over clothes but you’ll find it very beneficial for any body issues and also helpful making you feel relaxed. We target muscles causing misalignment and stimulate the muscles by compressing and stretching.
Our therapists are all dedicated to improve our services that have diligently keep training the techniques and enhancing with techniques such as KYT (Ken Yamamoto technique) and RHT ( Rikiya Haraguchi technique) which are highly regarded as real remedial and healing techniques in Japan 
We proudly offer these types of remedial massage to provide better quality services and results.
You don’t need to drape yourself so very easy and you’d be given some advice and homework to do to improve and maintain your condition. 
We are so passionate to be able to support your well being!

Shoji style
Balance  and posture clinic

Ken Yamamoto technique

Rikiya Haraguchi technique
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A powerful therapy in its ability to work with both the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. It involves the stimulation of pressure points on the feet to assess and treat many ailments. Reflexology is a method for activating the healing powers of the body. Each zone can be considered a channel for the intangible life energy, called chi, in martial arts. Stimulating any zone on the foot by applying pressure with the thumbs and fingers affects the entire zone throughout the body.

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TCM Herbal Medicine

The objective of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is to restore balance to the spirit, mind and physical body. Our TCM therapists may recommend acupuncture, herbal remedies or a combination of both. Based on an understanding of the organs and the complex interactions of meridians throughout the body, TCM herbal medicine aims to provide optimum support for the entire anatomy and physiology.

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Pregnancy Care

Cosmic Tree has a special focus on providing treatments for women – including fertility and pregnancy. Combination treatments of massage and reflexology, or acupuncture and TCM (traditional Chinese herbal medicine) are available.

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Gift Vouchers

Cosmic Tree now offers gift vouchers for you to give the gift of a treatment.

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